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TwitchFIT is a Jump Training program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of jumping; as well as strengthening our athletes throughout an increased Range of Motion to increase their Elasticity and Muscle Health.

We use a combination of Bodyweight Control and Weighted Muscle Lengthening exercises to create an extremely balanced and resilient athlete. We believe that an athlete must be able to control their own weight in any position to properly be prepared to compete in their sport. Through increasing both strength and mobility at the same time, we are able to totally transform our athletes and achieve previously unheard of results.

TwitchFIT is now the official jump program for Vero Beach Volleyball, High Tide Volleyball, Indian River State College Volleyball, and we are looking to add more athletes and teams to our roster every day. We cant wait to work with you!

Wes Hawkins

Coach, Jump Trainer, Founder

Wes Hawkins is a Coach, Trainer, and Founder of TwitchFIT. Hawkins has been coaching volleyball and track since 2011, at the club, high school and collegiate levels.

He is currently the assistant indoor volleyball coach at Indian River State College; as well as the Head Beach Volleyball Coach at Vero Beach High School.

Hawkins is also plays semi-professional beach volleyball, and has had over a 12" increase in vertical since beginning his work with the TwitchFIT Program.

Wes is also one of the only accredited Jump Coaches in Florida, undergoing the PPA-L1 Certification.


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