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Welcome to Knee Ability by TwitchFIT.

Inspired by Ben Patrick, our knee ability program an be scaled from elite athletes all the way back to the most basic knee movements.

This program will reduce knee pain, increase knee strength and mobility, and improve your athletic performance.

Knee Ability Programs

The most basic version of knee ability. This program requires no weights or equipment, and every exercise is scalable. This program will introduce you to proper knee ability behaviors and begin establishing new knee strength.


The Elite program makes use of more weight and equipment and is only meant for those who are familiar and practiced with knee ability movements. Contains advanced movements and should not be done before fully completing the "standards"

Ankle Ability

This program can be added at any point to increase ankle strength and mobility. Reduce ankle injuries!

The standards is the flagship knee ability program by TwitchFIT. This program requires very little equipment and will progress you to be able to clear ten athletic "standards." These standards are used to determine our overall athletic ability,

Elite Standards

Similar progression to the original "Standards" program but will make use of more wright and equipment. Finishing this level means you have achieved our maximum knee ability level and you will have knee ability equal to that of the most elite athletes.

Foot Ability

Coming Soon!

"Thank you so much for working with my daughter, I credit you with her vertical in indoor volleyball right now!"

W. Schlitt

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