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TwitchFIT Knee Ability Standards

  • 8Weeks
  • 64Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


This is our Flagship Knee Ability Program! This is an 8-week program that will help you develop strength, increase mobility, and reduce pain in your knees. You need minimal equipment for this, and most exercises could be done in the comfort of your own home. However, the latter stages of this program does call for a decent amount of weight so gym access is a plus. All exercises scale to your strength level, so be sure you DO NOT ever have to push through pain. Pain free reps are how we begin to unlock the full potential of your knees and get you back playing the sport you love. If you are tired of having your performance, athletic or daily life, affected by your knee pain, then try our program today and see what you are missing out on.

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From $20.00/month


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